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It's Time You've Done Something About This...

The topic of lovemaking comes up between her and her friends, and she says with a smile, “He's the most satisfying lover I have ever had-and I can't get enough of him!”

That would feel pretty good. Imagine how your confidence will skyrocket!

Are you single? Image your love life when you can satisfy the women you date and have women calling you.

Not to mention that with your new found confidence and sexual charisma you become absolutely irresistible to every woman you meet. Now you can choose whom you want to date and when.

Imagine How Great She Feels When...

You ravish her daily as your libido and sexual energy reach new peaks. Women desire and need to be wanted. Nothing says that more than constantly satisfying her and making her feel like a real woman.

Remember - a satisfied women will do almost anything to please her man.

Words only go so far. Passion and performance say so much more.
The Well-Known “Little Secret” Men Hate to Admit and Women Rarely Reveal:

The Men's Secret - It is normal to experience a decline in erection quality, libido and sexual energy over time. However, any disorder that causes injury or impairment of the nerves or impairs blood flow to the penis has the potential to cause erectile dysfunction or partial ED at any age. Over 30 million men in the US alone have some form of ED or reduced sex drive.

The Women's Secret - Age and child birth can cause women to lose vaginal sensitivity and experience tightness, resulting in a less satisfying and pleasurable sexual experience for both them and their partner. Unfortunately, this is often when women begin to enter their sexual peak, while men find their performance, erection quality and desire falling behind.

48% of women have faked an orgasm and didn't tell their lover.
Source: 2002 Durex Survey

Unfortunately, women don't always understand. They may believe a man's lower desire is due to a lack of attraction, a loss of love, or even another woman.

This is stressful on relationships, leaving both her and her partner frustrated and wanting more.

She may want to "talk about it." And we know all the talk in the world can't bring back bigger firmer erections or a stronger sex drive.

Even worse, she may never say a thing, and just wish for more satisfying sex... possibly getting fulfillment from someone else.

'...women are having more sexual affairs,' says Glass. One reason: Women now feel more entitled to enjoy their sexuality, so if sex with their husband isn't satisfying, they are more likely to look elsewhere... "
Source: - The Lowdown on Cheating

A bigger erection creates more contact and friction in a women's vagina, providing greater nerve stimulation. This increases pleasure and satisfaction for both of you.

Guys will shag anything that moves, looks their way and has a pulse. Right? So when we’re in the mood to play head cheerleader to his quarterback, we’re stunned if he comes up with some lame excuse like he has a “headache.”

First, we blame ourselves. We’re too fat. Our boobs are too small.

But here’s a shocker: Men’s issues in bed usually have nothing to do with your cup size. In fact, most sack-time snafus have little to do with you. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. He’s not the man of steel he used to be.
It’s a natural part of aging, but guys who don’t snap to attention the way they did in their 20s may worry about their ability to snap at all – particularly if they’re caught off guard with, say, an invitation for naked Twister.

“For guys approaching their 40s and 50s, erections aren’t automatic,” says Dennis Sugrue, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan Medical School.

First, he has to be thinking about sex. If he hasn’t, and a woman says, “Wanna?” she may get turned down. “For a lot of guys it’s like ‘Hmmm. Gee, that sounds good.’ But they’re thinking, ‘Are things going to work right now?’” Sugrue says.

2. His expectations are unrealistic.
Blame it on Viagra and its cousins. Men experiencing performance issues instinctively reach for prescription rebar, believing that erection medications will shore things up. But it doesn’t always work that way.

Larger Penis, Longer Lasting...

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